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Ankur Datta's Travel Blog
Back home!! Jul07

Back home!!

Sometimes the lights all shining on me Other times I can barely see Lately it occurs to me What a long strange trip it’s been   Truckin’ I’m a going home Whoa, whoa, baby, back where I belong Back home, sit down and patch my bones And get back truckin’ on   – “Truckin”, Grateful Dead   That’s exactly how I feel now. It’s been a day of rest since I came back to my new home – the Bay Area. And the more I think about the last month, the lines “What a long strange trip it’s been” echo in my head. I still can’t believe it’s over. I will miss those moments of insanity – the...

San Diego Jul07

San Diego

July 3. That’s when the fourth corner was annexed. The classy, sunny San Diego – where it all started. The first city in the US where I lived for a considerable amount of time. I left San Diego back in 2010 for school and returned only now.   It was just a daylong trip. I met some...

Oregon Coast Jul01

Oregon Coast

The Pacific Highway along the Oregon Coast is perhaps the most dangerous highway I have ever driven through. Dangerous because there are too many breathtaking vista points along the way, which can be very distracting – in a nice way though.   I planned the Oregon trip such that I spent minimum time in the hotels and maximum time on the road by the ocean. So, all I did was drive a bit and then stop if I see something nice along the coast. And I had to stop at least 25-30 times during this 400 mile stretch because there is really so much to see in Oregon.   Each stop gave a unique perspective of the ocean. I came across sandy...

Seattle Jun30


On a clear, sunny day, Seattle is easily one of the most beautiful cities to live in. During my three-day stay there, luckily I just got one rainy, cloudy day.   My drive from Montana, through the flat plains of eastern Washington and later through the snow capped Cascade Mountains, was amazing. It was one of those in-the-zone days, when driving seems so easy. I reached Seattle in the evening and crashed at my friend, Ram’s place, which is close to the Green Lake. Ram is one of my best friends from undergrad, probably the most reliable person I know and my favorite roadtrip buddy (we have covered several national parks in CA by road)....

Montana Jun30


Driving through the state of Montana is always a pleasure. Last year, when I could not enter Yellowstone due to heavy rain and snow, I had to take a detour via Montana. That’s when I first came across the splendid beauty of this state. That’s why this time I decided to spend two days in...

Midwest (WI, MN, ND) Jun30

Midwest (WI, MN, ND)

I call this stretch – “the meat of the Midwest”. It was by far the toughest part of my roadtrip. My body held up fine over a couple of weeks of driving, but by now the mind needed some rest. But, I was already more than half way through my journey across the country. I could not even...

Midwest (OH, MI) Jun29

Midwest (OH, MI)

Driving through the Midwest is a bit like going for a long walk in the middle of the desert. Although, once in a while you are rewarded when you stumble upon an oasis. My journey through the Midwest was a bit like that too. Over 5 days, I drove about 2000 miles from Cleveland to North Dakota....

Niagara Falls Jun20

Niagara Falls

After a brief stopover at Vermont, I was on my way to the Niagara Falls through the lush green roads of rural, upstate New York. There were a few things about this stretch of the trip that really excited me. First of all, yes of course, it was the visit to Niagara – which somehow is a hugely popular tourist attraction among Indians (I’ll come to that later). The other thing I was looking forward to was meeting my undergrad buddy, Sabuj after 9 years. He works as a scientist in a chemical gases company in Buffalo (which is only 20-30 minutes from Niagara).   A little bit about Sabuj first. We were in the same major (Material Science)...

Vermont Jun20


I was on my way to Niagara Falls from Maine, after an overnight stop at Burlington, Vermont. I started late from Acadia and simply wanted to reach Burlington before it got dark. It was a good 8-hour drive. There’s not much to write about this trip, although, there was one dumbfounding...

Maine Jun17


The trip to Acadia National Park in Maine was very flexible, as I did not have a fixed schedule of things to do or people to meet. With more time on my hands, I decided to take the backcountry route instead of the freeways. It took me an extra hour, but a drive through the countryside is always rewarding. You can stop by the food stalls in the farms and enjoy some fresh fruits and nuts. Now, in Maine, instead there were lobster “farms”, where the food stalls sold lobster rolls and fried seafood. Delicious! That’s why in Maine I decided to go on a strict lobster diet. Every Maine meal had to have some lobster in it. Over the next two...

Boston Jun15


Among all the cities I visited in the East Coast so far, I liked Boston the most. It has a distinct, classy look. It is cleaner and less crowded than New York. It has a rich history and that’s why every street corner has some story hidden in it. The people are very friendly too. In them, I...

New York Jun10

New York

After an overnight stop at my cousin’s place in the port town of Newport News, Virginia, I was on my way to the northeast. It has been a week already since I have been on the road and boy, it has been quite an eventful week.   I took some travel tips from my brother-in-law (who has...

Charleston, SC Jun07

Charleston, SC

While I was in Key West, the Florida sun shone in its full glory and parched every thing under it. The heat and little bit of humidity was enough to form a thick cloud cover as my stay came to an end in Key West. On my way out of Florida, I encountered torrential outpour, such that the...

Key West, FL Jun06

Key West, FL

Corner #1 has been covered!! I spent the last day and a half around the coral archipelago, Florida Keys – the southernmost region of Florida. The first destination was Key West – the southernmost point of mainland US. The route to Key West is really scenic and interesting in several ways. It is called the Overseas Highway and takes about two and a half hours to cover one way for only 120 miles. But the drive is beautiful and a must-do for any roadtrip lover. With aquamarine waters on both the sides, the highway hops from one tiny island to another. It is a designated scenic highway and is truly an engineering marvel (especially...

Tampa, FL Jun04

Tampa, FL

Ok, I don’t have much to write about Tampa. The ride from Savannah to Tampa was smooth as such. But, it was too sunny to do anything today. I was a bit tired because of the sun, the long drive and perhaps, from the moving, packing and partying I did over the last 3-4 days. I reached around...

Savannah, GA Jun04

Savannah, GA

It has been quite hot in the south during the day. And in the evening usually there are rains and if you go further down south, then storms. Savannah welcomed me with a mild storm in the late evening. I quickly stormed into my hotel and went to bed. The next morning I planned to do a walking tour of Savannah. I didn’t have much time on my hands – just 2-3 hours may be. But that was sufficient to walk around this small, old town – apparently, the oldest city in Georgia.  Savannah reminded me a lot of Pondicherry in India. While everything is French in Pondicherry, over here things are more British. The standard street names with signs...

Durham, NC Jun02

Durham, NC

Yesterday, I began my Four Corners roadtrip. I left Durham around 4pm. Before leaving, I visited school – once for the last time. It still hasn’t hit me that I have graduated. Part of me still feels that these next few weeks are just another mid term break, time for another roadtrip...

Hello world! May30

Hello world!

Hello there, I am Ankur. I am planning to do a really long post-graduation, crosscountry roadtrip from East Coast to California. It is a 30 day long trip touching the four corners of the country… and is probably the craziest thing I have ever done. I am planning to blog about this trip. I needed a domain to post all of my findings too. Questions popped up like which blogging platform should I use, when should I post and most important: from where. This website is the result of all that. The plan is to go to Key West (Florida) first, then drive up north to Maine, then all the way to the west to Seattle, and finally down south to San...


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