San Diego Jul07


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San Diego

July 3. That’s when the fourth corner was annexed. The classy, sunny San Diego – where it all started. The first city in the US where I lived for a considerable amount of time. I left San Diego back in 2010 for school and returned only now.

It was just a daylong trip. I met some former coworkers over beer and snacks, and then drove to the harbor by the San Diego bay. There’s this spot near the Embarcadero, overlooking the Coronado bridge, which is one of my favorite spots in San Diego. I used to come here once in a while and just relax and stare at the water. It was and is still a great place to get some me-time. It is sparsely crowded, with the only people around you being a couple of fishing hobbyists.

I thought I would feel super excited and punch the air etc., having reached the finish line. But funnily that did not happen. Perhaps, I have driven too much and now, reached that autopilot mode when arriving at a new destination just feels like part of an everyday job.

I called my parents back in India, while sitting by the San Diego bay. For me reaching San Diego was a milestone. But back home, my dad had reached an even bigger milestone. He retired last Saturday. As for me, I could already see the feeling of emptiness, once my roadtrip ends and I return to the bay area after a month of driving. As for my father, I wondered what must he be feeling right now after working for thirty something years. He said on the phone that he felt really free and was really looking forward to doing something new and exciting in the coming months. So, like him, I looked ahead towards the future and started planning my next road trip – which would probably be Ireland or Australia (I want to do the Sydney to Perth stretch). Though, this trip would probably not happen anytime soon, because I start working in July and it will be a while since I get a really long break.