Oregon Coast Jul01


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Oregon Coast

The Pacific Highway along the Oregon Coast is perhaps the most dangerous highway I have ever driven through. Dangerous because there are too many breathtaking vista points along the way, which can be very distracting – in a nice way though.


I planned the Oregon trip such that I spent minimum time in the hotels and maximum time on the road by the ocean. So, all I did was drive a bit and then stop if I see something nice along the coast. And I had to stop at least 25-30 times during this 400 mile stretch because there is really so much to see in Oregon.


Each stop gave a unique perspective of the ocean. I came across sandy beaches, rocky beaches, quaint beach houses and tall Redwood trees – all surrounded by bright, vivid colors of the ocean and sky. Things definitely became more interesting towards the sunset. All along this roadtrip, I’ve been desperately trying to be at the right spot to take some pictures during the “golden hour”. The photography pros call the time before the sunrise and sunset the golden hour, because that’s when the sunrays are slanting and give breathtaking colors to the sky and the objects below it. Oregon Coast definitely provided plenty of such photo ops.


Each stop was also a great moment to look back at this crazy month and reminisce about all the places I have visited during this long roadtrip. When I was leaving Oregon to enter California, I got this strange realization that the trip is very close to getting over now. California roads are like the familiar home turf. There’s not much left to explore there and get surprised. I felt happy to be back, but really wished that somehow I could prolong this trip and may be drive all the way further down south into Mexico.  May be some time in the future for sure.




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