Savannah, GA Jun04


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Savannah, GA

It has been quite hot in the south during the day. And in the evening usually there are rains and if you go further down south, then storms. Savannah welcomed me with a mild storm in the late evening. I quickly stormed into my hotel and went to bed. The next morning I planned to do a walking tour of Savannah.

I didn’t have much time on my hands – just 2-3 hours may be. But that was sufficient to walk around this small, old town – apparently, the oldest city in Georgia.  Savannah reminded me a lot of Pondicherry in India. While everything is French in Pondicherry, over here things are more British. The standard street names with signs were visible – Hillsborough, York, Duke, (something)folk, (something)boro, (something)field, (something)ham, King, Queen, Cricket, Tea.. No, I made up the last two.


The city is shaped like a grid, with little square shaped gardens at several intersections. Tall trees usually cover each garden forming a nice canopy through which the sun peeps in during peak noon.

The walking tour I intended to join was full and leaving much later in the afternoon. Fortunately, the tour guide was sweet enough to give me some tips on how I can cover the city on my own. I spent the next two hours touring under the sun. In particular, I liked one square next to church with two spires – the most prominent landmark in the town. I went inside the church and got a pleasant surprise. I really liked the stained glass work and the architecture inside the church. Sometimes, the smaller towns have the nicer looking churches. This happened to me before in Heidelberg, Germany and Dalhousie, Himachal. Here are some pictures of Savannah.


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