Back home!! Jul07

Back home!!

Sometimes the lights all shining on me Other times I can barely see Lately it occurs to me What a long strange trip it’s been   Truckin’ I’m a going home Whoa, whoa, baby, back where I belong Back home, sit down and patch my bones And get back truckin’ on   – “Truckin”, Grateful Dead   That’s exactly how I feel now. It’s been a day of rest since I came back to my new home – the Bay Area. And the more I think about the last month, the lines “What a long strange trip it’s been” echo in my head. I still can’t believe it’s over. I will miss those moments of insanity – the...

San Diego Jul07

San Diego

July 3. That’s when the fourth corner was annexed. The classy, sunny San Diego – where it all started. The first city in the US where I lived for a considerable amount of time. I left San Diego back in 2010 for school and returned only now.   It was just a daylong trip. I met some...

Oregon Coast Jul01

Oregon Coast

The Pacific Highway along the Oregon Coast is perhaps the most dangerous highway I have ever driven through. Dangerous because there are too many breathtaking vista points along the way, which can be very distracting – in a nice way though.   I planned the Oregon trip such that I spent minimum time in the hotels and maximum time on the road by the ocean. So, all I did was drive a bit and then stop if I see something nice along the coast. And I had to stop at least 25-30 times during this 400 mile stretch because there is really so much to see in Oregon.   Each stop gave a unique perspective of the ocean. I came across sandy...


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